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Saldanha Bay Harbour

The expected vessel size is 8 000 MT (with a maximum draft of 8 metres) requiring one vessel to offload through the port per month. It is anticipated that given the activity in the port, and the depth of the harbour, no disruption of the current port activity will ensue from the proposed storage facility. The sailing period from the supply source to Cape Town is 8 days.

The proposed storage facility will accommodate 8 000 MT of LPG. The company plans to import 100 000 MT per annum and utilize the storage facility for their own purpose.

The Proposed Facility


Avedia Energy has purchased a site in reasonable proximity to Saldanha Bay harbor that is capable of allowing the berthing and offloading from LPG carrier vessels.

The physical storage depot

The proposed installation is 32 propane rated horizontal (bullet) of 250 MT, 6 truck loading bays, an LPG vessel offloading facility, a jetty pipeline to the sea terminal, and an LPG process piping with integrated electrical & instrumentation equipment. The intention is for the storage tanks to be enclosed in a concrete structure with safety and loading valves/mechanism. The final design will be done to accommodate the topography of the site, the Transnet NPA loading/servitude and the road access routes.

For cargo protection, fire water monitors at the Berth and static isolation will be provided. For the offloading, the plan is to build a single 10" liquid line to the Jetty, NPA permitting. The pipeline will be designed in accordance with NFPA 58, ASME B31.3 and API 2510 requirements. The exact route of the pipe will be established once the site location has been finalized and the NPA requirements are met together with those of the EIA.

The investment

The consortium plans to invest around ZAR 300 million in the building of the LPG handling facility.

The project time line

The project should be commissioned by end early 2017.

Complementary LPG distribution

The plan is to use the facility as a major centre for the trading and distribution of LPG in the Southern African region, and accordingly a complementary business project is being developed that will ensure a strong demand for LPG out of the proposed Saldanha storage facility.

Appropriate communication to the public and adequate distribution channels will increase the current market significantly; firstly by illustrating the benefits and comparative safety of LPG as well as the ease of acquisition. The idea being to physically distribute the economical cylinders close to the user market; and more importantly, to supply appliances such as a stove, heater and lights that work on a 5 kg cylinder.

While the project is economically viable serving only the Western Cape Province market, the long-term strategy is to supply all major provinces, using a rail/road connection from Saldanha to the rest of the country.

Socio-economic impact of the project

The building of an LPG handling facility at Saldanha will have tremendous positive economic, social and environmental impacts in the area and for the West Coast region.

The project will improve the province and country’s access, once a railroad connection has been established, to one of the most environment friendly sources of energy. Gas, and especially LPG, is one of the few clean sources of energy.

The project will contribute to the country’s achievement of its Kyoto environment objectives. The project will also participate in the country’s NEPAD objectives by promoting trade between two African powerhouses, Nigeria and South Africa.


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